Ongoing Fundraising

Below is the list of ongoing fundraisers that benefit the Lakeshore PTO all year long.
Scrip                                                Labels for Education
Box Tops                                        Ronald McDonald Pop Tabs
Amazon Shopping                            


SCRIP is one of the easiest ways to generate income for Lakeshore PTO and YOU!  While shopping at stores you normally shop, you can earn cash back towards your child’s school lunches, book fair, field trips, spirit wear and more without any extra cost to you! 

***SCRIP Brand List, Agreement and Order Form files are attached at the bottom of this page***

Here’s how it works…

      1.   Order your gift cards from Lakeshore Scrip for face value.  You will need to sign a Scrip agreement with your first order of the year.


2.       Lakeshore Scrip buys the gift card from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount. This varies depending on the retailer (usually between 2% and 15%).  


3.       The difference between the cost of the gift card and the face value is credited 80% to your family account and 20% to the Lakeshore PTO.  You may choose to receive your portion of the difference as a cash distribution (twice a year), a tax deductible contribution to the PTO or a credit to be used for school expenses such as registration fees, field trips, lunch accounts and school pictures.


4.       You will receive a gift card in the exact cash denomination you purchased. Each store will have their own card.  For example, purchase a $20 Kwik Trip gift card; you get a $20 Kwik Trip gift card. 


For example, if you order a $100 card which has a 10% rebate, you will give Lakeshore Scrip $100 and receive a $100 card.  Lakeshore scrip will purchase the card for $90.  The $10 difference between the face value of the card and the purchase price is credited at $8 to your family account and $2 to the PTO.   Your choice on the scrip agreement will determine how your portion of the profit is distributed. 

Traditionally, Scrip orders are due in the Scrip order box in the lobby near the front entrance by 3:40 on Wednesdays. Orders are done weekly and will be ready for pick-up or to be sent home with your child the following Thursday. **This year, however, w
ith the current precautions in place for COVID 19, we will not  be able to send scrip to and from school with our children or pick up at the office. After  discussions and options, we have decided to continue scrip this year with weekly orders. The drop off and pick up will be done at Kelly's home in Fond du Lac (Email or Text for  address). The drop off can be done any time before the due date and pick up will be at scheduled time frames that she will communicate to you through the weekly emails and Facebook. If limited orders she will individually reach out for pick up. 

When you need money from your scrip account to put more funds into your student's lunch account, pay registration fees, buy spirit wear, pay for a field trip, etc. or have any questions contact Kelly Lange at (920) 933-7529 or and she will take care of the payment from your account. It's that easy!


Each time you shop on Amazon, start at this PTO website, click the link at the left or on top of this page. Lakeshore PTO will receive a percentage back from your online purchases.  All purchases remain confidential with Amazon.  Don't forget to do this every time you shop and your school will benefit. 


Clip Box Tops from General Mills products. List of Products  Glue or tape the Box Tops coupons on the collection sheets or bring them in loose. Turn in you Box Tops in the marked plastic drawer container in the school lobby. Go one step further and shop the Market Place vendors to earn more Box Top points – just click on the link and shop.


Clip eligible UPC codes and beverage caps from Labels for Education products List of Products (PDF). Turn in your UPC codes and beverage caps in the marked plastic drawer container in the school lobby.


Save your soda can pop tabs for them to be donated to the RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE. Turn in your soda pop tabs in the marked plastic drawer container in the school lobby. Lakeshore PTO does not receive funds from this collection the Ronald McDonald house receives all the proceeds.

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