PTO Board, Committee Chairs & Instructions

    2017-2018 PTO Board
President - Paige LePine -
Vice President - Shelly Nelson -
Treasurer - Kristel Lougher-
Treasurer- Amy-Tedesco -
Secretary - Trisha Zimbleman -
Social Media Representative - Jenny Hammis - 
Parent Representative - Nicole Kamphuis -

2017-2018 PTO Committees Chairperson(s)
If you are interested in being involved in any of the committees, please contact the committee chairperson.  
Lakeshore School PTO
 Board Members


President Paige LePine 920-602-3646
Vice PresidentShelly Nelson920-246-0418
Kristel Lougher
Amy Tedesco
Trisha Zimbleman

Social Media RepresentativeJenny Hammis989-475-6632
Parent Representatives

Nicole Kamphuis
Sanya Diederichs
Teacher RepresentativesLori Sass
Rachel Wierzba
Beth Olsen
Principal Kelly Barkovich-Smith 920-929-2901

PTO Committee Chairperson(s) Phone Kristel Lougher 920-539-8545
Art to RememberMissy Tate920-9043867
Book Fair Tammy Waidelich  
Rachael Sclavi  
Box Tops Shauna Zimmerman 920-238-7908
Carnival Shelly Nelson 920-246-0418
Nicole Kamphuis 920-570-1879
Decorating Committee

Jennifer Anadell
Gina Baker
Courtney Bolka
DirectoryShelly Nelson920-246-0418
Directory Business Ads Shauna Zimmerman 920-238-7908
Doughnuts at Dawn Julie Resop 920-517-7533
Family Reading Night Gina Marchionda-Schneider
Shelly Nelson
Family Fun Nights Nicole Kamphuis
Paige LePine
Fun Run/Obstacle Course  Andrea Gilson
Nicole Kamphuis
Grade 5 Recognition    
Hearing and Vision Screening MaryAnn Schwark 920-948-1814
High Interest Day 
not until: 2018-2019
Emily Crego 920-579-3176
Kwik Trip - Milk Moola/Donuts to Dough Shauna Zimmerman 920-238-7908
Lunch Help (first 3 weeks) Nicole Kamphuis 920-570-1879
Major Fundraiser- Heads   Jen Klitzke
Sanya Diedrichs
Media - Press Release Paige LePine920-6023646
Muffins in the Morning Julie Resop 920-517-7533
Santa ShoppeShauna Zimmerman
Stephanie Jackson
Pictures - Individual  Danielle Mullenbach 920-579-1662
ScholarshipsPaige LePine
Shelly Nelson
Science in Residence  (Lakeshore Teacher)-  next in 2019-2020    
Scrip Shelly Nelson 920-246-0418
Lakeshore Spirit Wear Clothing Ronda Mullenbach 920-948-3721
Staff Appreciation Luncheon Abi Mahmood 551-359-6689
Teacher Appreciation Week
Wellness Beth Olson 920-929-2901
Yearbook/ Classroom Pictures Shauna Zimmerman 920-238-7908
If you have any questions about your committee,
please contact your PTO committee representative for assistance. 
Here's who can help you with your committee.
President - Paige LePine
    Obstacle Course, Teacher Appreciation Week, Partners in Education, Decorating Committee, Book Fair, Artist/Science in Residence, Read a Thon, Donuts at Dawn, Muffins in the Morning,  Hearing and Vision, Media/Press Releases
Vice President - Shelly Nelson -
    Obstacle Course, Lakeshore Spirit Wear, Volunteer Box/Room, Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Book Fair, Pictures - Individual, Pictures - Family
Treasurer - Kristel Lougher -
Treasurer- Amy-Tedesco, Art to Remember, Kwik Trip-Milk Moola, Box Tops,
    Campbell's Labels for Education, Fundraiser/Product Sale
Secretary- Trisha Zimbleman -
    Carnival, Directory & Directory Ads, Family Reading Night,
    Pop Tops, Scrip, Grade 5 Recognition, Website/Facebook, Yearbook, Class Pictures
Parent Representative - Nicole Kamphuis -
    Family Fun Nights/Restaurant Nights, Parent/Student Programs and Groups,
    Lunch Help, Room Parents


Thank you for volunteering to chair a PTO Committee.  You are vital to the success of Lakeshore PTO and to our school. 


Please contact Jenny at or 9989-475-6632 if you would like to information shared on Facebook or our website. Website information should be emailed or texted to Jenny no later than midnight each Thursday night to be included in the weekly Posts of Announcements. Please contact your PTO Committee Representative to touch base regarding your activity, volunteers needed, handout copies, communication requests, request forms, and any other questions. 


Any PTO information sent home with students must be approved by the Principal.  We ask that you email your handout or flyer to the Principal, Kelly Barkovich-Smith and to your Committee Representative at least 7 days prior to when you want it to go home with students.  If you would like something copied, we ask that you also please email it to our secretary at least 7 days prior to when you want it to go home with students.


If your event requires “start-up cash”, we ask that you send an email to the PTO Treasurer Kristel Lougher (, at least one week before your event requesting a specific sum of money and the number of cash boxes that will be needed.   Please have two people count the event profits after your event and then return the cash to the Treasurer.

All financial transactions must be made by check through the PTO Treasurer.  It is necessary to record every transaction.  All receipts are to be attached to the reimbursement form, which is attached at the bottom of this page.  When a business receipt is not available, please write your own.  All expenses and reimbursements must be listed individually, even if only one reimbursement check is required.  Please do not take your reimbursements from your event profits, as this makes the money very hard to account for.


Please complete the Committee Chair Feedback & Review form, which is attached at the bottom of this page,  as soon as possible after your event has been completed.  File the report in your Committee folder and return the folder to your  Committee Team Member.  You may also return the Committee folder and/or report in the PTO basket in the school office.

Forms for Volunteers:

Receipts required.  Submit to a Treasurer when completed.
After the event, committee chairs should fill out this form to report on this year’s event and make suggestions for next year.
Note: The Reimbursement Form and Committee Feedback Form can also be found in the forms binder located in the Lakeshore Volunteer Room.
Lakeshore Elementary PTO Fond du Lac,
Jul 19, 2014, 3:23 AM
Lakeshore Elementary PTO Fond du Lac,
Jul 19, 2014, 3:21 AM