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Drop Off & Pick Up Clarification

posted Sep 15, 2015, 7:05 PM by Lakeshore Elementary PTO Fond du Lac

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures 

The 3rd week of school is under way!  Here is some information about dropping off and picking up your students that will help everyone stay safe this year.

The first bell rings at 8:35am and students should be in their classrooms and ready to learn by 8:40am.  Parents who want to walk their students to their classroom must sign in at the office. 

Students who walk or are dropped off are asked to arrive no earlier than 8:25am.  Students may be dropped off either in front of the Annex or at the Southwest corner of the main parking lot.  Traffic needs to keep moving so there is no parking in front of the Annex on the West side.  NO cars are allowed in the bus lane before or after school, buses only.

The speed limit before and after school is 15mph.  Please slow down and be alert.  The traffic in the parking lot and in front of the Annex is ONE WAY only.  Please be aware of the arrows.  Please only cross at the cross walks.  It is unsafe to cross mid-block.

The end of the school day is 3:40pm.  There is no supervision on the playground after school.  Parents can pick their children up in the cafeteria. Please refrain from waiting in the lobby, this area is very congested after school as this is where our bus students file through. Parents along with their children may exit through the side cafeteria door but children may not walk to a waiting car alone.

**If your child is taking a different way home than normally scheduled, an adult at school must be informed (ie. the secretary or the teacher).  A child cannot tell the teacher they are taking a different way home without an adult having prior knowledge of this.  Ways of letting school know of a change in pick-up of a child…call the school, send a note, write it in their planner.  If an adult at school has not been told of a change in pick-up, the child will go home the way they are normally scheduled.

Please help us keep our 380+ students safe and get them safely where they need to go.

Thank you for your cooperation!